What is Licensing?

Licencing is using globaly known brands, football clubs, cinema and cartoon characters or digital games’s rights for a certain period of time for different product categories or for a service.

Using licensing makes the products more interesting, appealling, attractive and prestigious for the intended target group.

Whether the product is a Tweety pillow, or a Bugs Bunny patterned toothbrush, a Ben10 T-shirt, or Batman and Superman action figure.. The common point of all these licensed products is that they are all examples of licensed products that equate to a 172 Billion Dollar global industry.

Entertainment Licensing 

A world that involves visuals of cinema movies, television series, cartoons and digital games. It is the most prevalent used license. According to the content it can be used for kids, families and adults.

Brand Licensing

Using well known brand names and logos. It is the fastest growing area in the licencing world. It creates a great advantage for manufacturer that want to add value to their products by using the power of known brand’s awareness and popularity.

Sports Licensing

Sports Licensing works by obtaining the license for club logos and the image of the players. Companies that use this licence, can leap into the lime light of those companies that sponsor teams for millions of dollars.

Clip Licensing (Advertising Licenses)

These licences are the use of the iconic characters of movies, series and animations’s, unforgetable lines and classic scenes for the use of advertising. World famous characters may be used directly as well as inspired by the original scenes or lines in TV commercials.

Product Placement

Product placement is the inclusion of the brand, logos or products into the movie. Doing product placement in Hollywood productions automatically enables these brands to capture millions of audiences around the world.

Celebrity Licensing

Is the licensing of the famous faces of Hollywood and using these celebrities in the companies advertisements. These kind of collaborations create global brand awareness.