License; The use of the rights of world-renowned brands, football clubs, cinema and cartoon characters or digital games for a certain period of time for a different product category or service.

The use of licenses makes products more attractive, prestigious, popular and exciting for the target audience. It also provides content that captures the agenda for communication campaigns.

Tweety pillow… Bugs Bunny pattern toothbrush… L.O.L. Surprise printed T-Shirt… Batman toy figures… Superhero logo jewelery. What they all have in common is just a few examples from the licensing world with a sales volume of $ 280 billion per year.

Licenses for Entertainment
Includes characters from motion pictures, television series, cartoons and digital games and the created visual world. It is the most widely used license type. It can target children, families and adults according to the nature of the licensed content.

Trademark Licenses
Licensing of brand names and logos. This is the fastest growing field of licensing world. It provides a great advantage for manufacturers who want to add value to their products in a short time by taking advantage of the power of brands that are highly known and popular.

Sports Licenses
Licensing of leagues or club logos and visuals of players. Companies using sports licenses can easily join the sports world, where sponsorships are worth millions of dollars, and skip the competition.

Clip Licenses (Ad Licenses)
It is the use of iconic characters, memorable lines or classic scenes from the world of cinema, series and animation in advertising campaigns. World-famous characters can be used directly as brand spokespersons, or entertaining scenarios inspired by a scene or line.

Product Placement
The inclusion of the logos or products of brands or institutions in the content of motion pictures. Being involved in these major productions, many of which are released worldwide, provides organizations with an effective advertising opportunity around the world.

‘Celebrity’ Licenses
It makes it possible to use the names of Hollywood celebrities as the advertising face of the brands. This kind of collaboration with the Hollywood world is an incredible opportunity to bring brands to the world league.